Former Bitcoin Critic Ray Dalio ‘Impressed” how Bitcoin “Survived” the Last Decade

Ray Dalio has changed his tune but people like Ray and those who still don’t get it are going to have their minds blown when Bitcoin reaches its destiny

Billionaire Ray Dalio ‘impressed’ how Bitcoin survived the last decade

“Billionaire Ray Dalio gave another positive sentiment, saying he is impressed with crypto while classifying cash as ‘the worst investment.’

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance on Friday, the Bridgewater Associates founder stated that he thinks it’s ‘impressive’ that crypto lasted without being hacked in the last decade.

‘I think it’s impressive that for the last 10–11 years, that programming has held up. It hasn’t been hacked, and it has an adoption rate,’ said Dalio.”


Master Asked on December 20, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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