Fed Stimulus Likely To Send Bitcoin Higher…?

Not that I don’t want Bitcoin to soar higher due to any reasons, I just don’t think this is going to affect Bitcoin too drasticlaly, simply due to the fact that most people are truly ignorant or simply don’t care unless the masses embrace something…and the entire reason I’m bringing this up is I’ve sen this theme passed around on several crypto-related sites today… But hey, what do I know…

Fed Stimulus Likely To Send Bitcoin Much Higher

“Bitcoin and the digital asset segment, in general, appear to be neglected right now.

The Fed and other central banks are increasing money supplies at unprecedented levels, yet Bitcoin is essentially flat YTD.

The Fed will likely expand the U.S.’s monetary base substantially, thus, inflation, dollar debasement, and another unpleasant fiat related monetary phenomenon are quite plausible going forward.

The decline in fiat currencies may drive more people towards Bitcoin and other digital assets, as they’re essentially inflation-proof and are largely immune from parasitic third-party manipulation.

The fundamental backdrop looks incredibly favorable for Bitcoin and prices should go substantially higher from here.”


Master Asked on April 16, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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