Fed Chair Urges For New Regulations Regarding Cryptocurrencies

In other news, water is wet….All joking aside, do people really believe these fedsters really have their best interests at heart… they only want the masses under their thumb so of course they want stricter regulations…this is the head of the non federal Federal Reserve we’re talking about here….

Fed Chair Outlines Risks Associated With Cryptocurrencies, Urges for New Regulations

“Jerome Powell, the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve, believes the nation’s central bank supports innovation in digital financial products. However, he warned that certain technologies, including cryptocurrencies, could possess risks that have to be handled before their mass adoption.

  • Speaking on Wednesday, Powell noted that it is “easy to see the risks” related to digital assets that require new rules. The United States has been rather indecisive with its approach towards the industry, with President Biden signing an executive order earlier this month that caused some controversy.
  • As such, Fed’s Chair outlined the need for new and improved rules that could capture the nature of cryptocurrencies, which is a different asset class than stocks and bonds.

“There are potential financial-stability concerns for some products. We don’t know how some digital products will behave in times of market stress.”



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