Exploring Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Really good talk with Adam Levine, Andreas Antonopoulos,Stephanie Murphy and Rene Pickhardt on Bitcoin’s Lightning network

Exploring Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

“The four lead a conversation on the still in development yet rapidly growing Lightning Network. It’s a second-layer network that enables fast, secure, private and inexpensive payments that don’t make sense to store on bitcoin’s base layer. But while that might sound ideal, it’s not simple in practice. A scrappy community of companies and developers have been pushing the tech consistently forward as the number of hard problems still to solve ticks down.

Even as early as we are, Lightning has proven to be a radical improvement on the user experience of bitcoin. On the bitcoin network, fees vary but typically range from $1–5 and complete with confirmation in an average of ten minutes. With Lightning, fees and transaction times drop dramatically: the transaction fees are generally 1/100th or 1/10th of a penny and take just seconds.”



Master Asked on December 6, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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