Ethereum, XRP, & Altcoins Unlikely To Outperform Bitcoin?

There are actually people who believe this and I don’t believe I’m being a Bitcoin maximalist – just honest, in my humble opinion – but nothing does or will beat Bitcoin, especially in the long run

Ethereum, XRP and Altcoins Unlikely to Outperform Bitcoin, Says Top Cryptocurrency Strategist Willy Woo

“According to Willy Woo, Adaptive Capital strategically plays crypto boom and bust cycles and doesn’t simply make investments with the intention of holding on forever.

However, when it comes to anyone looking to buy crypto for the long haul, Woo says he believes there’s little chance Ethereum, XRP or any altcoin will outperform Bitcoin.

‘Crypto asset investment is a misnomer. It’s unlikely any crypto asset will outperform Bitcoin over a long arc of time so in order to get alpha it’s really an active trading strategy.

Adaptive does not invest, we trade with the latest learnings in on-chain / fundamental signals.'”

Master Asked on February 7, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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