Did Satoshi Leave Clues To Unlocking His Billion $$ Bitcoin Crypto Fortune?

The latest theory in the Satoshi legend:

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Left Clues to Unlocking His Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Crypto Fortune, According to This New Theory

A new crypto theory proposes that hundreds of thousands of BTC mined by the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin are actually giveaways in the world’s greatest prize competition.

Traders on Bitcointalk are searching for clues left by Satoshi that they hope will allow them to piece together the private keys needed to unlock the huge stash of Bitcoin.

The theory is based on cryptocurrency expert Sergio Demian Lerner’s observation of a statistical imbalance or a non-uniform distribution in the blocks that Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to have mined.

One of the reasons that Lerner attributed the statistical imbalance to was that “Satoshi left a message fingerprinted in the nonces. A message for us to see in a distant future.”

The initiator of the theory on Bitcointalk argues that the statistical imbalance is deliberate.

“What we are doing is to inform people what we’ve discovered and that it was not a random mining.”

Full article here: https://dailyhodl.com/2021/02/09/bitcoin-creator-satoshi-nakamoto-left-clues-to-unlocking-his-billion-dollar-bitcoin-crypto-fortune-according-to-this-new-theory/


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