Did Google Just Censor Bitcoin?

It doesn’t surprise me at all if Google has, I’ve seen people who run various Bitcoin-related pages, sites, and YouTube channels mention how numbers/views are down big-time as of late and funny how this is happening pre-halving – one has to wonder just why are they doing this? My bet is that those in control want to hoard as much cheap Bitcoin and then once the cat s out of the bag, the average person is too late to the party.

Google Algorithm Update: Did Google Just Censor Bitcoin?

“According to Search Engine Land, Google GOOGL is rolling out a new core algorithm update in May. Christopher Jaszczynski, who is a technical on-chain analyst, speaker, and YouTuber says, ‘This is public knowledge. Since Google owns YouTube this is also escalating from media outlets that rely on Google traffic to bitcoin and crypto YouTubers. All big bitcoin YouTuber’s including our MMCrypto channel are now being shadowbanned.'”


Master Asked on May 7, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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