Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay

Columbia Investment Management Company’s CEO Kim Lew says crypto and the industry is “here to stay”

Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay, Says Columbia University’s Investment Arm CEO

“In an interview with Bloomberg Wealth, Lew gives her take on the investment potential of cryptocurrency and the many possible directions in which the flourishing industry may be headed.

‘There are many different avenues that it can go. There are stablecoins, there’s NFT’s… there’s just the blockchain, the different layers– people are using it for so many different things.’

Despite its many possibilities, the specific niche the crypto space will ultimately fulfill is still a mystery.

‘I think clearly it’s here to stay, I think clearly it’s gonna play some role…not clear what role it will play. For us, it’s important to dabble a little, just to make sure that we follow, make sure that we have relationships with people who are going to develop expertise, and we can leverage those expertise to decide which way to go.’”


Master Asked on August 18, 2021 in Cryptocurrency.
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