Crypto Scam Nets $650,000 Throughout December

Who falls for this ***? This time it is one of those “you send me btc and I’ll send you MORE btc” scams, also using Michael Saylor’s name and yesterday some poor sap sent two whole Bitcoin!

Someone Just Sent $100K Worth of BTC to a Michael Saylor Giveaway Scam Wallet

In giveaway scams, bad actors typically impersonate a well-known figure and promote deceiving campaigns offering to double all bitcoins sent to their addresses.
It goes without saying, those who fall for the fraud never receive any BTC. Although this sounds too good to be true, people continue to fall for them.
Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy and a prominent bitcoin proponent, is among the most popular names in the crypto industry. This is why it’s not a surprise that fraudsters frequently use his name to promote such scams.
The situation with Saylor is a bit more worrying. Bad actors continue to create websites using his name where they say that he will double all BTC sent to his address from his personal and company stash, which contain billions of dollars.
One of the latest detected such websites, outlined by the scam-alert resource, has been active throughout December 2021 and has already received $650,000 in BTC.
One particular transaction caught the eye as an unknown entity sent two BTC yesterday worth almost $100,000 to the address associated with the scam.
Previously, scam-alert warned about another similar address using Saylor’s name that was active in November. In the whole month, it received over $1 million in 42 payments.

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