Crypto Job Posts on LinkedIn Rocketed 395% in 2021

Job postings related to cryptocurrency rose by 395% (!!!) on LinkedIn this past year – the foundation is set in so many ways for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to make their entrance into the mainstream and people’s everyday lives

Crypto job posts on LinkedIn rocketed 395% in 2021

“Job postings with terms like ‘Bitcoin,’ ‘Ethereum,’ ‘blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’ grew 395% in the United States last year.

It wasn’t just a bull run for prices last year. Careers in crypto outstripped price action in 2021, as crypto job searches soared by 395% in the United States alone according to LinkedIn.

Crucially, the crypto industry outpaced the wider tech industry, which also saw remarkable development, almost doubling its number of job listings. However, at 98% growth, the tech industry dwindles in comparison to crypto jobs, which gained by a whopping 395%.”




Master Asked on January 17, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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