Crypto Investor Loses Bitcoin & Life Savings

This is infuriating, I can’t stand thieves and these crypto-scammers are complete trash.

Inside Job: Crypto Investor Loses Bitcoin and Life Savings – Report

Discord chat logs obtained by Fox News show hackers plotting to steal a California man’s cryptocurrency stash via a SIM swap attack on his smartphone. The victim, Seth Shapiro, has filed a lawsuit against AT&T – calling it an inside job.

According to court documents, AT&T employees allegedly facilitated hackers in decimating Shapiro’s life savings, draining $1.8 million from his accounts, including cryptocurrencies and his daughter’s college fund.

Says Shapiro,

“AT&T’s negligence, criminal negligence, I would say, is almost unfathomable. It essentially destroyed our financial future, our entire life savings was stolen.”

Master Asked on October 24, 2019 in Bitcoin.
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