Crypto CEOs Are Still 6 Figures Bullish …

Look…the thing is we are headed to the moon and way beyond but most are unaware and those that are in the know and not in the cryptoverse don’t want the masses to know…until they’ve gobbled up as much Bitcoin as they can for themselves…

Crypto CEOs Are Still Six-Figures Bullish on Bitcoin’s Price

Ryan Moore, CEO of bitcoin banking app Mode
What we’re starting to see is the inevitable, and necessary, meeting of global regulators with industry players. This will only continue as investor interest builds, which is happening fast. The incumbents need to show that they’re being responsible and prioritizing consumer protections, and so do we.

Yes, there have been price fluctuations, but without doubt, I’m still bullish on bitcoin. Bitcoin has proved its position as a store of value, and this will only be entrenched by Millennial and Gen Z investors. It’s scarcity, durability and security means that, by both fiat and cryptocurrency standards, it has long-term utility and value. A few years ago Bitcoin was compared to the internet in the early ‘90s. This comparison still stands; the internet became ubiquitous and Bitcoin will too.

Engaging with regulation doesn’t preclude innovation or disruption. In fact, this will enable the industry to grow. An increase in security and transparency goes hand in hand with an increase in investor confidence – both institutional and retail. We’re seeing investors seek out this assurance more and more. Ultimately, the added scrutiny we’ve seen in recent months is good for crypto.”


Master Asked on July 28, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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