Crypto Bull Run may Have Already Started?

CEO of One River Digital Asset Management Eric Peters believes the next phase of the crypto wave towards mass adoption is going to be “very powerful” and may have laready started

Crypto Bull Run May Have Already Started, One River CEO Says

“One River’s exec said he is “extremely bullish” for the medium to long term, believing major institutions will take part in the next cycle:

‘I think the next phase will be very powerful because it actually will finally have real institutional adoption.’

Peters suggested the bull run might have begun, outlining the market surge since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin finished 2022 at around $16,500, while as of the moment, it trades at approximately $22,400 (a 35% increase). It even spiked to $25K in February, a valuation last registered in June of 2022.

According to the American, one factor that currently stops institutions from diving into crypto’s ecosystem is the regulatory uncertainty. Once the US, Europe, or Canada impose proper rules, institutional capital should flow toward the industry, while financial companies could integrate blockchain technology into their operations, he claimed.”


Master Asked on March 9, 2023 in Cryptocurrency.
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