Crypto Billionaires’ Subsequent Deaths Spark Wild Theories Among Crypto Community…

One would say something odd might be going on when you look only to find that 4 billionaires who existed in the crypto community have died in the past month…..

Crypto billionaires’ subsequent deaths spark wild theories among the community

“The four deaths of crypto billionaires within a month’s time gave fuel to several conspiracy theories among the crypto community. One user associated the string of deaths with a mafia-style hit job and said that the “crypto world is taking a page from the mafia handbook.”

Another user associated the death spiral with the “central banking hierarchy,” sarcastically saying, “I would definitely not put money on it being connected to the central banking hierarchy. There is no way. They are very trustworthy. 100% no chance.”

Others questioned the source of the information but did acknowledge the fact that four deaths in less than a month call for some suspicion. While a few Redditors also pointed towards the possibility of faking deaths, where one user wrote, “I wonder how many of these are people faking their own deaths.”

Many Redditors also speculated that these billionaires might be living under fake names and they are using death to start a new inning in their life.

The deaths of four crypto billionaires are for sure a cause of concern, but the crypto ecosystem is known for its fascination with conspiracy theories. A similar saga erupted in May 2020 when the CEO of defunct crypto exchange QuadrigaCX mysteriously died during a visit to India.”


Master Asked on January 9, 2023 in Cryptocurrency.
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