Countries That First Outlawed Crypto But Then Embraced It…

India, Iran, Venezuela…the time is coming when all nations will have no choice but to embrace Bitcoin…

Countries That First Outlawed Crypto but Then Embraced It

“As time progresses, the revolution of peer-to-peer digital currencies picks up speed. Now, countries like India and Iran, which previously had a harsh legal stance on cryptocurrencies, are warming up to the idea of adopting them. In India, for instance, the Supreme Court has struck down a blanket ban that was placed on banks dealing with crypto-related businesses back in April 2018.

In Iran — while the country’s central bank had issued a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies in a misguided move to prevent capital flight due to fears of sanctions by the United States — the central bank is now looking to establish a sovereign stablecoin in a move to expand its digital banking operations.”

Master Asked on March 9, 2020 in Cryptocurrency.
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