Could The BlackRock/Coinbase Deal Trigger Bitcoin Rise To $773,000?

Since the news of the BlackRock/Coinbase deal broke, there has been much speculation where this could all lead BTC:

BlackRock and Coinbase Deal Could Trigger Bitcoin Burst to $773,000, According to InvestAnswers

In a new strategy session, the host of InvestAnswers tells his 443,000 YouTube subscribers that the partnership could boost Bitcoin’s market cap by a trillion dollars at the very least.

“If BlackRock puts 0.5% of their assets under management into Bitcoin using my multiplier which is 21x, that will impact the market cap by $1.05 trillion, which will add about $75,000 to Bitcoin’s price, taking it to $98,000, and an ROI (return on investment) from today’s price is 326%. This is very, very achievable…

Now if they allocate 1%, which of course will take time to get to that level, that would add about $2.1 trillion to the market cap, $150,000 to the price, and that would take the future price of Bitcoin to $173,000, which is a 652% gain from here.

If they add 5%, which is what Dan Tapiero says, I think it’s way too aggressive. Maybe over time, maybe in the next three to five years, that could be possible. That would take the price of Bitcoin to $773,000 in the next three to five years pretty easily.”

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Master Asked on August 8, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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