Could Bitcoin Trading Volume Really 100X in 4 Years?

Will we see Bitcoin trading volumes top $1 trillion a day by the year 2025?


Could Bitcoin Trading Volume Really 100X in Four Years?

“In its latest report cryptocurrency data provider Coin Metrics predicted that Bitcoin’s daily volume could eclipse that of the U.S. equity market, if growth rates are maintained. But how likely is it really?

The report cites Bitcoin as an asset class with incredible growth potential due its low trading volume compared with more traditional markets:

‘The interpretation is that Bitcoin, in its current state, is most comparable in size to a large capitalization stock rather than a distinct asset class.’

Bitcoin’s daily spot market volume is currently $4.1 billion in USD markets according to Coin Metrics — it’s dwarfed by the U.S. equity, bond and global FX markets at $446 billion, $893 billion and $1.98 trillion respectively.”

Master Asked on June 5, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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