Connecticut Estate Owner Accepting Bitcoin Or Ether For $6.5 Millon Property

The listing in Greenwich, Connecticut property listed for purchase with cryptocurrency is the first of its kind in the area:

Greenwich estate owner will accept bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency as payment for $6.5 million property

  • The owner of a Greenwich estate is willing to accept cryptocurrency as payment for its $6.5 million asking price.
  • The sales agent said it is the first such listing of its kind in that wealthy Connecticut town.
  • The unidentified owner’s background explains the unusual offer and their comfort level in taking bitcoin or Ethereum crypto for the 187-year-old farmhouse compound.
  • “Not only does my client hold a lot of cryptocurrency,” the agent Kevin Sneddon said, “she actively trades a fair amount of it on a daily basis.”

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Master Asked on May 2, 2022 in Cryptocurrency.
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