Colombia’s New President Is Pro-Bitcoin

Colombia’s new president is a Bitcoin/cryptocurrency proponent and not jokingly wants “Bitcoin to replace cocaine”:

Petro Wants Bitcoin To Replace Cocaine

One of Petro’s main worries is the country’s production of cocaine. Colombia is the world’s largest producer of this drug. Basically, Petro has bankers, the oil and mining sector, and the most powerful cocaine suppliers against him. It will not be an easy presidency.

But what helped him win?

Petro’s speech included topics often ignored by other politicians in the country, one of which was Bitcoin.

While his opponent Rodolfo Hernández took a stance against suggesting people buy Bitcoin, Petro celebrated El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy and even proposed for the country to mine Bitcoin instead of producing cocaine. I don’t think that’s a transition the drug cartels will easily accept.

Nevertheless, he has pointed out that Colombia’s energy matrix is already dominated by hydropower, which could help mine Bitcoin with renewable energy.

“What if the Pacific coast took advantage of the steep falls of the rivers of the western mountains to produce all the energy of the coast and replace cocaine with energy for cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency is pure information and therefore energy

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