Coinbase Has Executed $1Bln Crypto Buys For Some Of World’s Largest Institutions

There have and are a ton of big buys of cryptocurrency by the biggest corporations and Coinbase now announces they have been part of over a billion dollars’ worth of those crypto-related trades with “some of the largest institutions in the world”:

Coinbase Reveals It Has Executed $1,000,000,000 Crypto Buys for Some of the Largest Institutions in the World

Coinbase has officially filed documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to go public, revealing it has executed $1 billion-plus crypto trades for “some of the largest institutions in the world.”

The US crypto exchange’s registration documents with the SEC have yet to become effective. When they do, Coinbase plans to list its stock on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “COIN,” according to a recent press release from the company.

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Master Asked on February 26, 2021 in Cryptocurrency.
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