Coinbase CEO: US SEC is Acting Alone in its Crypto Regulation Efforts

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says Gensler and the SEC are operating with an anti-crypto stance – and just why would they do that, one wonders? Hmmm? This should be of no surprise yet it is sad to see these actors utilize such actions that greatly hinder the nation they’re supposed to be bettering – of course the truth is they care not for the betterment of this nation and only furthering whatever agenda they may have

Coinbase CEO: US SEC is Acting Alone in its Crypto Regulation Efforts

“Brian Armstrong, the co-founder and CEO of leading American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, believes the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is on a lone crusade in the push for regulatory clarity in the country, as the agency’s stance on the matter is different from that of Congress and other federal regulators.

During a Monday interview with CNBC, the CEO insisted that SEC chair Gary Gensler is attempting to regulate the American digital asset industry from an anti-crypto perspective for some unknown reason.

A Lone Crusader
‘I think the broad consensus view in the U.S. government is that there should be a clear rule book, and this is going to require new legislation from Congress. The SEC is a bit of an outlier here. There’s kind of a lone crusade, if you will, with Gary Gensler, the chair there, and he has taken a more anti-crypto view for some reason,’ the Coinbase CEO said.

Armstrong stated that Gensler is not trying to regulate the crypto industry as much as he is curtailing it, with the number of lawsuits the SEC has filed. The Coinbase boss argued that the legal battles were unhelpful for the industry.”


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