Caught On Camera: Crypto Scammer Confronted

This took place in Colombia where “influencer”/possible scammer Newman Perez was confronted by a man accusing him of stealing funds/scamming him:

Crypto Influencer Confronted On-Camera Over Alleged Scam

What happens when you combine a dubious crypto project, a rekt investor, and a wealthy founder enjoying his profits? A fight in an upscale shopping center, of course.

Prominent Venezuelan crypto influencer Newman Perez was earlier this month confronted at a Colombian shopping center by a man who accused him of stealing his funds. The confrontation, caught on camera, was uploaded to TikTok, shared on Twitter, and has since gone viral.”Did you not steal from me? What do you call that? A scam,” said the man, who then addressed the crowd to share his opinions about Perez. “I present to you Colombia‚Äôs number one scammer.”

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Video of supposed confrontation:




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