Bukele’s Prescription for El Salvador – 1 Bitcoin a Day

This is great to see as the media and so-called “experts” are saying how Bukele is doing his citizens a disservice as they of course so wrongly push the idea Bitcoin is going to zero – in response, Bukele continues the path which is going to ensure his nation’s wealth and security in the future

Nayib Bukele announces Bitcoin prescription for El Salvador: 1 BTC a day

“As the world’s first nation to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender in September 2021, El Salvador is going back to its BTC buying days after a pause for months amid bearish market conditions.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced on Nov.16 that the Central American nation will start purchasing BTC on a daily basis starting from Nov.17. The announcement comes nearly three months after the nation made its last BTC purchase in July 2022.”



Master Asked on November 17, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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