BTC At $35,000 Incoming….?

You know, it is funny seeing this because just earlier I was thinking how not too long ago some were saying we’d never see $40k again….as in we’d never go BELOW $40k again but here we are hoping for $35,000 after being stuck in this range for some time now….

BTC Price Predictions: $35k for Bitcoin likely According to a Specific Metric

“The one-month stochastic chart for BTC/USD suggests that bitcoin is gearing up for a bull run that could take its price to $35,000. If that is the case, the broader market will follow suit, aided by the impending downturn in traditional markets…

BTC At $35,000 Incoming....?


..A sto.chastic oscillator is a momentum indicator heavily used in the stock and crypto markets. It forecasts price turning points by comparing the closing price of an asset to its price range. Although many industry experts have predicted that bitcoin will continue to tumble down this year, the on-chain indicators suggest otherwise.

“The bottom of bitcoin is perfectly repeated with the behavior of RSI-MA (14) in similar downtrend lines, touching points, breakout, retest, and resumption,”


Master Asked on October 18, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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