Bloomberg Intelligence Strategist Mike McGlone: “It’s Just Unprecedented. It’s Untouchable.”

A really bullish take from Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone:

Bloomberg Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) the ‘Fastest Horse’ – But Issues Economic Warning

In a new live stream with Scott Melker, McGlone says Bitcoin’s decentralized nature will protect it from US regulators who appear to be increasingly targeting the crypto space.

Top US regulators have stated publicly they consider Bitcoin a commodity.

“That’s the key thing where Bitcoin sticks out [is] you can’t do anything to this and you can’t kill it. It’s just unprecedented. It’s untouchable. You could make a case that Ethereum is a security when you hear about all these upgrades and people doing this and people doing that to make it better. I’m like okay, well that’s kind of scary. You can’t do that to Bitcoin. It’s just why it’s fine and impressive.”

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