Bitcon – “$12K? No Problem!”

Bitcoin just broke through $12K, a level one analyst positing was “the last great resistance” Now to see where we go from here

Here’s Why $12,000 Is Bitcoin’s “Last Great Resistance”: Analyst

“$12,000 purportedly is Bitcoin’s last major on-chain resistance, according to data shared by David Puell, the Head of Research at the now-closed Adaptive Capital.

Puell shared the chart seen below on August 16th, which suggests that $12,000 is important because it is the point at which buyers of the 2019 highs will reach breakeven:

‘CIH is the delta between two volume profiles (in this case from 2018 onward): bitcoins unmoved (assumed as hodling) and bitcoins moved (assumed as distribution). Three levels of major buyouts are noticeble—two remain as major demand zones; one as a last major resistance.’”

Master Asked on August 17, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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