Bitcoin’s Post-Halving Hash Rate

All things are well in the post third-halving world:

A Closer Look at the Bitcoin Network’s Post-Halving Hash Rate

The average block production time was roughly 7.5–8.5 minutes per block 24 hours prior to the halving, and we see an increase in block time post-halving, with an average of 11 minutes per block in the 12 hours following the halving. With the available sample, we can safely conclude that the network has experienced a hash rate decline post-halving, as indicated by longer block production times than the pre-halving average.

According to the Bitcoin difficulty estimator, the current network pace is roughly 53 blocks ahead of schedule. This may be due to miners pushing block production faster in the 24 hours leading up to the halving. With the current estimate, the next difficulty change will happen in roughly six days, with an upward adjustment of 4%–5%. However, the block production time could shift significantly within six days as miners try to adjust their operations.

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