Bitcoin’s Most Important & Profitable Buy Signal About to Trigger?

Charles Edwards’ Hash Ribbons indicator says so:

Bitcoin’s Most Important and Profitable Buy Signal Is Just About to Trigger

There’s no arguing the importance of the Hash Ribbons indicator. The tool is yet another important Bitcoin fundamental analysis indicator designed by analyst Charles Edwards.

Edwards also created tools that look at cost of production, energy value, and much more.

These tools make up some of the most critical tools in Bitcoin analysis, especially form a fundamental standpoint.

Hash Ribbons signal that miners that power the network are capitulating. When that’s over, it signals a “buy.”

Several times throughout cryptocurrency’s history have resulted in a significant upside following the buy signal triggering.

It triggered just ahead of Bitcoin’s rise from the bear market bottom to $14,000 in June 2019. It also triggered just ahead of the pump to $10,000 in early February, and again on the way up to current levels.

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Master Asked on June 29, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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