Bitcoin’s Exponential Growth To Continue As Halving Approaches…

Less than a year away, the next halving looms and is not far away…big things are coming…

Quant Analyst PlanB Says Bitcoin’s Exponential Growth To Continue As BTC Halving Approaches

“Widely followed quantitative analyst PlanB says that Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to experience explosive growth heading into next year’s halving event.

The pseudonymous quant analyst tells his 1.8 million Twitter followers that Bitcoin will likely follow the stock-to-flow (S2F) model and, before the year’s end, soar more than 588% from its current value of $29,069, reaching $200,000.

According to PlanB, Bitcoin’s scheduled halving in April 2024, an event that slashes BTC miners’ reward in half, will be the catalyst to send the king crypto to new all-time highs.

“2024 halving cycle is going to be very interesting. Or 2022 was an outlier and 2023+ will revert to S2F model line. Or there is a non-linear relationship between S2F/halving and price, diminishing return. IMO (in my opinion) 2022 was an outlier and exponential growth will continue until ~50% adoption. Time will tell.”


Master Asked on April 28, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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