Bitcoin’s Average Fees Are $0.50 Now Compared To $20 In December 2017

Yet another example of how Bitcoin is getting better and better by the day

Bitcoin’s Average Fees Are $0.50 Now Compared to $20 in December 2017

“Thanks to SegWit and payment batching, Bitcoin’s average fees have plummeted to $0.50. In December, the average fees were $20, while demand was roughly the same as it is now.

SegWit seems to be working. Looking at the transaction fees on the Bitcoin network, the network is far cheaper than it was in 2017. Transactions on Bitcoin today are comparable to the same level they were in December 2017, but fees have not spiked significantly. Exchanges have also been batching their transactions more, which has helped keep fees manageable.”

Master Asked on February 14, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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