Bitcoiners Use Mining Rigs As Heaters

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to “crypto winter”!

Crypto winter: Bitcoiners use mining rigs as heaters as temperatures drop

According to the Wall Street Journal, crypto miners in France and the United States report their overall heating costs have dropped — even if the temperature in their homes often gets far above what they’d prefer.

Thomas Smith, a photographer based in California, has been using mining rigs to heat his home since at least 2019. He’s also been exploring some novel uses, including employing the miners to warm up his two chickens in an outdoor coop and to grow tomatoes in his greenhouse as temperatures started plunging at night.

It’s not the first time the idea has been implemented, with reports in 2018 that the co-founder of Czech cryptocurrency exchange NakamotoX had been growing ‘cryptomatoes’ in five-acre greenhouse using the excess heat from crypto mining.

“My greenhouse is 24 cubic feet, so putting in all the heat from the cryptocurrency-mining computer would increase its temperature by around 40 degrees,” said Smith in the WSJ. “Even in the dead of winter — with a nighttime temperature of 45 degrees — that would still push my tomatoes to their 85-degree limit. On warmer nights, it would risk roasting them on the vine.”

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