Bitcoiners Take Aim At Google

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, over here I’m trying to shake-off the time change – not fun and it’ll probably be a week before I’ve acclimated to this infernal thing we do twice a year.  Enough of that, here’s something on #ForkGoogle and a call for the boycott of the company by Bitcoiners:

Bitcoiners Take Aim at Tech Giant: Petition Calls for US Senate to Subpoena Google

Members of the crypto community are pushing back against Google. They say the tech giant continues to censor Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related news apps while also de-platforming crypto-content contributors on YouTube.

A new initiative and petition on is calling for the United States Senate to subpoena Google to explain the company’s actions against crypto industry members. The petition is promoting the hashtag #ForkGoogle, is calling for a Google boycott of the company and is urging people to shift to alternative, decentralized browsers and video sharing sites, such as SteemIt and Brave.

The campaign also hopes to draw more attention to Bitcoin and engage Google, and its subsidiary YouTube, in discussion about the need to support cryptocurrencies.

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