Bitcoin Whales With More Than 10,000 BTC At All-Time Low…Bullish?

I’d say this is yet another factor which shows how bullish things are at the moment…we areon the precipice, awaiting and watching history take place….not much longer and the Btcoin Big Bang Theory we all know is going to happen will take place…

Bullish? Bitcoin Whales With More Than 10,000 BTC at an All-Time Low

“The number of bitcoin whales holding at least 10,000 coins in one address has dropped to an all-time low, suggesting a more decentralized distribution of tokens.

Bitcoin’s distribution has become substantially less concentrated as the number of whales holding 10,000 or more coins has reached a new all-time low of less than 100 such addresses.

At the same time, the number of transactions on the BTC network and exchange deposits continue to decrease to monthly lows.”


Master Asked on March 10, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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