Bitcoin Wallets move 3,500 BTC Dormant since 2011

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Wake up call? Bitcoin wallets move 3,500 BTC dormant since 2011

“According to on-chain data, seven dormant Bitcoin wallets awakened on Nov. 11 to move a total of 3,500 BTC ($60,6 million) to new addresses. A transaction fee for one of these 500 BTC transactions ($8.7 million) amounted to just 0.00011383 BTC, or $2.00.

Blockchain researcher and developer Kirill Kretov flagged the transactions in a LinkedIn post, noting that the new addresses were “not consolidated” yet.

Each of the mentioned seven addresses was holding 500 BTC for about 11 years, with all seven receiving the stash on July 10, 2011. All of the wallets received the amount at the exact same time, 12:22 pm UTC, and for each of them, it was the very first transaction.”


Master Asked on November 11, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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