Bitcoin Volatility Incoming?

So much for Uptober, let’s see how November treats us. I’m thinking we’re due some action soon, by December for sure.

Bitcoin Volatility Incoming? Four Things to Watch The Next 10 Days

Let’s look at these events chronologically and historically to see how they can impact bitcoin and the entire market. The FOMC meetings this year have been essential for the asset class. Each has brought enhanced volatility, sometimes with double-digit percentages in a matter of hours.

Even in cases when the actual interest rate hike is precisely the same as the expectations and experts believed it was already priced-in, that has rarely been the case. As such, traders should be wary at the start of November for more price fluctuations.

Generally speaking, the payroll data should be the least impactful. Nevertheless, if the final numbers are way below expectations, there could be some enhanced volatility.

The mid-term elections are the dark horse here. The Biden administration, with Democrats dominating the scene, has put the crypto industry under its scope with a few executive orders, directives, and proposed regulations. However, the situation could change if the Republicans take over, hence leading to substantial price movements.

The CPI numbers, similar to the FOMC meetings, have also resulted in immediate price reactions from the crypto market. We’ve seen in the past that missing the expected percentages by as much as 0.2% could lead to $1,000 moves for BTC.

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