Bitcoin Up 30% Since Schiff & Cramer Told Their Audiences To Get Out Of Crypto….

Key take here…don’t listen to “experts” like Peter Schiff and Jim Cramer…in fact, the inverse is what you should do compared to what they say!

Bitcoin Is Up Nearly 30% Since Peter Schiff, Jim Cramer Said Get Out of Crypto

“One of the biggest critics of the cryptocurrency industry – Peter Schiff – expected bitcoin’s spike at the start of the year to cease shortly after it began and advised investors to sell their holdings when the asset was trading at around $18,000. The uptrend, though, continued, and BTC currently stands at $22,800 – a 27% increase since the American financial commentator shared his views.

Another famous person whose grim prediction has failed as of the moment is Jim Cramer. He urged people to cash out their “awful” crypto positions at the beginning of December last year, while bitcoin is up 33% since that statement.

Schiff’s Forecast: a Catalyst for BTC’s Rise?
The CEO of Euro Pacific Capital – Peter Schiff – is among the most vocal opponents of the cryptocurrency sector and often cautions investors to stay away from it. He opined on January 12 that bitcoin’s surge to above $18,000 (at that time) was an “excellent opportunity” for HODLers to sell their ownings. As usual, Schiff claimed investing in gold is a much better option.”


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