Bitcoin to Dip to $25K?

If Bitcoin gets much lower, I’m going to look for stuff to pawn to buy some very cheap crypto! All joking aside, we might see sub-$30K Bitcoin soon and if so, buy as much as you can.

Bitcoin will dip to $25K if this trader’s 20% crypto crash forecast comes true

“Bitcoin has suffered from downside over recent days despite ‘feel-good’ news stories from the Bitcoin 2021 conference, including adoption in Latin America.

Now, after BTC/USD lost 9% overnight, attention is turning not to a recovery but to a deeper price dip to test hodlers’ ‘diamond hands.’

According to Cobra Crypto, the size of the capitulation will cost the $30,000 support that remained during the May retracement.

‘Absolute carnage within next 5 days or you can tell me how wrong I was,’ he wrote on June 4.

An update gave a time limit of 48 hours from June 7 for the fresh losses to enter the market. Bitcoin, he argued, would not stop at $32,000.”


Master Asked on June 8, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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