Bitcoin to Blow People’s Minds in 2025?

I’d say it already does but Lark Davis offers some good points on why Bitcoin will really take-off post-2024’s halving

Why This Analyst Believes Bitcoin Will Blow People’s Minds In 2025

“Lark Davis, in a series of tweets published March 4, did not only try to make a point about the bear market but also made a list of major adoptions to back up the point.

To start off, the Influencer tweeted, “Don’t let the bear market fool you. Corporate crypto adoption is happening. Some big players are making some serious moves.”

According to Davis, with these big companies making an entrance into the crypto industry, what could follow the 2024 BTC halving could be beyond expectation. Emerging number 1 on Davis’s big players’ crypto adoption list is BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager overseeing up to $10 trillion in Asset Under Management (AUM).

According to Davis, BlackRock launched a private spot bitcoin fund alongside a collaboration with one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase to launch its own BTC trading service. The crypto Youtuber believes this is a signal to accumulate Bitcoin as he stated, ‘Stack your Sats before these guys do.’

Davis further mentioned Mastercard’s partnership with immersive, a crypto-payment protocol, to allow Web3 wallet owners in Australia and New Zealand to use crypto as a payment method in everywhere Mastercard is accepted. The Youtuber tweeted, ‘Mastercard straight up refuses to be left in DeFi’s dust.’”


Master Asked on March 7, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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