Bitcoin to $397K?!!! But When?

Bitcoin to $397K by 2030, per this recent report by Lichtenstein-based Crypto Research Report

Sweeping Crypto Report Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Rise to $397,000 – Here’s How Long It Could Take

“The report assumes Bitcoin’s use as a currency will outshine altcoins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin in the long run, and the firm’s analysts say BTC is likely at the very start of its adoption curve, with major upside potential in the decade to come.

The firm says its analysis is based on modest market penetration assumptions, meaning the cryptocurrency will penetrate 10% of the entire target addressable market, which includes store of value, remittance, offshore deposits, gaming, online gambling, unbanked financial services, lending, micropayments, crypto trading, and more.

‘The target addressable market for crypto assets is approximately $212 trillion. The largest use cases include medium of exchange including all global fiat currencies worth $126 trillion and consumer loans with a global value of $42 trillion.

If Bitcoin penetrated 10% of this market over the next ten years, each Bitcoin would be worth $397,000 in 2030.’”

Master Asked on June 28, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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