Bitcoin To $100k In 23 Months?

Only time can tell and only Bitcoin knows, but 23 months is a long time and Bitcoin can do anything within that frame, $100k isn’t unimaginable by any stretch:

Bitcoin Will Surge to $100k Within 23 Months; Analyst Updates Post-BTC Halving Prediction

Thanks to their optimistic model for predicting the price of Bitcoin following the 2020 halving, crypto analyst PlanB has become one of the industry’s most cited figures. PlanB’s March 2019 study, titled “Modeling Bitcoin’s Value with Scarcity”, makes the case for at least a $55,000 post-halving BTC price.

Using yearly data, as NewsBTC recently reported, PlanB arrives at an even more bullish price of $100,000. The date the analyst previously gave to their BTC price prediction is at some point during 2021.

As PlanB highlighted via Twitter earlier today, they have long held that BTC has the potential to top $100,000 during 2021. A tweet from January 2019 embedded to that posted today shows this. Meanwhile, today’s tweet confirms that they believe a six-figure Bitcoin is still very much on the cards for 2021.

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