Bitcoin To $1,000,000….Might Sound Crazy…

Bitcoin to $1,000,000 might sound crazy? NO! No…it is not crazy and I’d say Bitcoin UNDER $1 million sounds crazy to me…

Bitcoin To $1,000,000 Might Sound Crazy, But Is It?

“I have come to the conclusion that bitcoin is going to $1,000,000. This number, which you will see tossed out into the crypto narrative, comes from the idea that there are 100 million subunits of bitcoin and if each was worth the quantum unit of 1 U.S. cent, then a bitcoin would be worth $1 million. This is a non sequitur argument as there is no causal link why this should be so. In fact, you can fractionalize a bitcoin satoshi in to as many sub-satoshis as you like. It does have plenty of sizzle as an idea and while it has seemed extremely unlikely to me until now I suddenly see that mirage as being a possibility.

I now believe this is a possibility not because the value of bitcoin will go up, though I believe it will, but because the value of money is about to fall heavily and quite possibly into the depths of monetary ***.

This is why a bitcoin could be worth a million dollars or more.”

Master Asked on June 17, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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