Bitcoin The Cure To Global Yield Curve Control?

BitMEX ‘s Arthur Hayes recently called Bitcoin the cure to yield curve control and that YCC will soon spread to central banks across the globe, making Bitc

oin more attractive (as if it could be more) in the process.

“A virus starts in one host and moves on quickly to the next,” he tweeted on Wednesday. “All central bankers think and act alike. If it’s happening in the UK, your banana republic is next.”

The co-founder added that Bitcoin is “Lord Satoshi’s cure” to the problem.

Hayes argued in March that fiat currencies – particularly the U.S. dollar – will hyperinflate over the next decade, causing the world to flee to gold and Bitcoin as safe havens. Both commodities have frequently been compared to one another as inflation hedge assets, due to their scarcity.

In July, he also suggested that the Federal Reserve could begin “printing money” again if other currencies continued weakening against the dollar, which would be bullish for Bitcoin.

The British pound has rapidly depreciated against the dollar this week, an now nears dollar parity. In the aftermath, trading volume for the BTC/GBP trading pair has soared.

Master Asked on September 28, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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