Bitcoin – The Best Protection Against A Devalued Dollar

Hi all , hope this evening finds you all well -a lot of big stuff has been going on in the cryptoverse as of late . Bicoin vs the USD … As the world around us and fiat currency devolves by the day , find solace in Bitcoin


” That peak was also when the dollar was at its weakest in the last five years, but the DXY Dollar Currency Index shows that the greenback is nearing a similar low point, on the heels of ongoing stimulus money printing and being on the cusp of printing more.

If the DXY plunges deep, the catalyst for Bitcoin’s next bull run is here, and it is primarily due to the design choice to hard-cap the asset at just a 21 million supply. It was done to ensure its value only strengthens as the dollar weakens. And as data shows, it is doing as it was intended. ”


Master Asked on October 24, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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