Bitcoin & Tesla Are World’s Most Significant Disruptive Technologies?

So says Bloomberg’s Mike McGlone

Bitcoin (BTC) and Tesla Are World’s Most Significant Disruptive Technologies, Says Bloomberg Analyst Mike McGlone

On a new edition of Charting Futures, McGlone says the pair are the most disruptive technologies on the planet – and therefore it’s no surprise to see their values experience massive boom and bust cycles.

‘They’re different assets but they’re the world’s most significant disruptive technologies with name recognition all around the world…

[Tesla] was up around 100% on the year and now it’s up 70% or so. On the long-term chart, it trades just like it did in 2013, which was one of the biggest years ever. And by the way, that was the biggest year ever for Bitcoin and it looks to me like you’re seeing a little bit of Bitcoin catching up.

The one thing to remember is these are highly speculative assets, and you get those animal spirits out there. You have Tesla a little bit rich, and it might transfer or tilt a little bit more towards Bitcoin. The significance is, we have bull market uptrends and bull markets that are consolidating.’”

Master Asked on February 6, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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