Bitcoin Taking Over Reddit

Move over Beatles, Jesus, and even ***; on Reddit, at least! All kidding aside, this is only beginning, Bitcoin is really doing this it is preparing for takeoff and in a big way:

It’s official: Bitcoin now more popular than ***

Reddit enjoys a massive audience of 440 million users and has been a popular destination for Bitcoin enthusiasts since very early days. But while the r/Bitcoin audience has swollen dramatically since 2017, r/ *** has been somewhat tepid for years.

Since Reddit user u/farmingOnYieldApp made this observation last night, the number of r/Bitcoin subscribers has increased to 1,707,689, perhaps propelled by the PayPal announcement, while the number of Redditors talking about *** has not changed much at all and stands at just over 1.69 million. The world really is performing an about-face.

Bitcoin is also more popular than the Beatles, which had a terrific ’69 of their own — that was the year they released “Come Together” and “I Want You.” Sadly, the Liverpudlian pop phenoms only have 118,258 subscribers.

The r/Jesus subreddit is fairly deserted, but if we extrapolate from the r/Christianity subreddit (258,121 devoted members), Bitcoin may even be more popular than Jesus among Redditors. And speaking of Bitcoin Jesus, the subreddit that supports the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community has only 328,882 followers. Roger Ver will be pinning his hopes on a resurrection of interest in BCH now that PayPal will be supporting the cryptocurrency.

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Master Asked on October 21, 2020 in Bitcoin.
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