Bitcoin Supply Crunch Incoming?

Those satoshis are going to get harder and harder to get, all while the price goes up and up

Bitcoin continues to consolidate in the high $50,000 area, meanwhile, its fundamentals are strengthening and seem to point towards a price breakout.

Analyst Ali Martinez has shared data from Glassnode to predict the timing for a new BTC price rally. According to the analyst, when the cryptocurrency surpasses the 1 million threshold in the metric Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow, historically BTC “goes parabolic.”

Despite Bitcoin’s nearly 1,500% increase in a year, it is still below this threshold. The analyst stated:

Despite the 1,465% surge that $BTC experienced since the March 2020 crash, the Bitcoin Entity-Adjusted Dormancy Flow has yet to move past the 1M threshold. When and if it does, #BTC could enter a new parabolic phase posting more gains than what we have already seen.

Conversely, Martinez stated that when the Entity Adjusted Dormancy is rejected before surpassing the one million threshold, Bitcoin’s price experiences a pullback. In 2021, this has happened at least twice back in January and late February. As seen below, the cryptocurrency is close to this zone.

Bitcoin in an accumulation phase
Perhaps one of the most bullish fundamentals is Bitcoin miners’ behavior. Over the past few months, this sector had been selling much of its supply in BTC, increasing the selling pressure in the market.

However, analyst Lex Moskovski has shown that miners have changed their position and started buying BTC to increase their reserves. Since late March and early April, miners have bought around 10,000 BTC. Moskovski stated:

Miner optimism doesn’t necessarily predict the price but it definitely takes out of the equation a major selling factor.

Master Asked on April 6, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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