Bitcoin Still On Track To Reach $100K By 2023

Bitbull Capital CEO Joe DiPasquale believes we are on track to reach $100,000 per BTC by 2023. That is all well and good but Bitcoin could easily shatter and break past that price point, all it would take is that one spark and BOOM but I get why these luminaries posit these predictions but we all remember seeing Bitcoin doing what it does best and shocking the *** out of everyone.

“I think 2023 is a safe bet. We might need some time during 2022 to take a breath and to kind of let out some of the steam,” DiPasquale said. “We are reaching higher lows and even higher highs”, he added, commenting on Bitcoin’s price movement in the last few months. Following the breakout of a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Bitcoin has shown mixed reaction, falling together with equities at first, but then strongly rebounding. Many were wondering whether BTC could still be considered as digital version of gold. “We need to see Bitcoin as not maybe digital gold, but as a currency that doesn’t follow the whims of a central bank, but rather has a very finite quantity,” pointed out DiPasquale.

Master Asked on March 9, 2022 in Bitcoin.
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