“Bitcoin” Search Trend On Google Rises To New 2022 Record

Searches for “Bitcoin” on Google are now at a peak and breaking the record for 2022 and the past 12 months. The rise makes people ask is it that people are searching for knowledge on Bitcoin or to answer the reasons for the recent price crash, etc.? https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-google-trends-search-term-sets-new-2022-record/

Google Trend Search Volume For “Bitcoin” Spike To 2022 Highs
Speculators would currently claim that Bitcoin is performing poorly purely from a price perspective. By most other standards, the cryptocurrency is just fine, despite being pronounced dead by mainstream media for more than the 400th time.

In fact, going by Google Trends data only, its more popular than it has been over the last year and throughout all of 2022. Since the inception of BTC, the current spike registers as the third-highest in the history of the coin (pictured below).

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The 2021 highs around $65,000 in April ranks in second place, and the 2017 rally the took Bitcoin price to $20,000 the first time was the highest ever recorded. During that time, few knew what a cryptocurrency was while today the top cryptocurrency is a household name. Rising search interest at that time made perfect sense.

Crypto Market Plunge Pumps Up The Volume
However, this isn’t 2017. People now know what Bitcoin is, or have at least heard of it before. They know it traded at these prices in the past, and seeing it here again is causing a great deal of fear in current investors.

But what if, in contrast to people searching in panic, the search volume is from opportunists who see this price level as a chance to get in at an area that was once viewed as “early?” Those who are worried are turning to search for “bitcoin is dead” instead.



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