Bitcoin Parabolic Rally Still in Play?

Why yes, yes it is. Bitcoin is at $26908 this morning but as always, don’t get caught-up too much on focusing on price

Bitcoin Parabolic Rally Still in Play As BTC Flashes Bullish Signal, According to Crypto Analyst

“Svenson says that he’s looking at Bitcoin’s potential parabolic setup. According to the analyst, Bitcoin is following the parabolic curve cheat sheet “to a T.”

‘We are now finalizing base three. We’ve had base one, we’ve had base two, and now we’re in base three. And base three is nearing completion here right on the edge of the parabolic curve.

We do have to bounce here in order to maintain a parabolic curve…

What this diagram is suggesting is that the next move would actually land us upwards of $48,000.’”


Master Asked on May 31, 2023 in Bitcoin.
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