Bitcoin Overtakes Russian Ruble

And now the Russian ruble is the latest to fall in Bitcoin’s path as it stomps along to claim its throne as the world’s top currency

Bitcoin Overtakes Russian Ruble, Inches Closer To Top Ten Global Currencies

“The latest currency supply that Bitcoin has now overtaken in total value, is the Russian ruble. A cryptocurrency once worth nothing is now more valuable than all the supply of Russian-made money that exists globally.

What’s more significant, is Bitcoin’s proximity to the top ten currencies by global rank, and the fact it is creeping up right behind the Swiss franc (CHF). The franc is a global reserve currency, making it especially notable if the cryptocurrency passes it.

The argument that Bitcoin is not a currency not only won’t hold any weight, but it could be a sign that its well on its way to becoming the most dominant global reserve currency of all.”





Master Asked on February 10, 2021 in Bitcoin.
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